So, about this new diet...

As some of you know, around this time in 2005, I weighed about 195 pounds. I was very unhappy with my weight, and I started dieting aggressively. By November of that year, I was able to reach my goal of weighing less than 160 pounds. I was able to average about 1.5 pounds lost each week, mainly cutting calories only. Since I do very little to no exercise, and work behind a computer all day, calorie cutting is of extreme importance. Much of the calorie loss came from cutting 2 things: soft-drinks and sweets.

I charted most of my progress via an excel spreadsheet. Here you can see a chart from February to November of 2005:

That was great. I felt much better physically and much better about myself. Unfortunately, I slowly let things slide, and I have inched all the way back up to 180 pounds. I feel bad. I'm ready to take on the diet head-first again, hence the blog.

As I said, I'm starting off at 180 pounds. My goal is to average about 1 pound loss per week. That may be easier at the beginning than at the end, but ultimately, I would like to be between 150-160 pounds (as long as I'm not lifting weights... if I start lifting weights, I would love for that weight to climb due to muscle mass, but for now, I'm just going to concentrate on the diet and add exercise slowly).

Advice?? Words of inspiration?? Use the comments to let me know what you think.


Christian said...

Good Luck babe! I know you can do it! I love you.

Keith said...

Words of advice on dieting... I don't know. What Pat did seems like a good thing. Set some goal other than dieting, which is more fun, and you get a win-win.