From time to time, I just like to plug what I believe is a great product. Today, it is the coleman stove.

What I love about the good ol' liquid fuel coleman stove is how much it hasn't changed since the late 40's. You can look at this page and see just how similar those outdoor stoves are to the new ones.

The one I particularly like is the Coleman duel-fuel stove. The reason I love it so much is beause it is an awesome camp stove, but also because the design is tried and true with replacement parts being highly available. The other thing that really makes it worth the money in my mind is beause of the capability to also run it on unleaded gasoline.

Why? Well, with the threat of hurricanes, terrorists, floods, whatever, everybody is looking into emergency preparedness. And by getting this thing as a camping item, you are also getting a great emergency item. Even if you don't have any coleman fuel, you can still siphon gas from a car or truck and cook, boil water, even use it as a heater.

I like mine. We really enjoyed it on our last camping trip.

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EMTPete said...

Just be careful using that thing as a heater. it uses O2 and there's a certain amount of CO given off.

I too love the coleman but my major use was back in the mid-late 50s when going to Eastern Kentucky State College (now University). That stove (stashed out of site under my bunk) and campbell's soup kept me going.

Pete Blair