Got a few things done yesterday. Washed both of the cars. Cleaned my gun. Sprayed for bugs.

We have a spider situation in our yard that is now a little out of control. It looks like spider-man lives in our backyard. I sprayed with 3 bottles of 50% Malathion. I think this will kill tons of bugs, but I don't think it will hurt the spiders at all. I confirmed that this morning... most spiders had completely rebuilt their webs somewhere else, and the huge banana spider up in the tree just went right back to her web.

So, after some research this morning on pesticides that do kill spiders, I decided to buy some of this stuff. It is called "Demon WP" and it is one of the most common pesticides used by professional bug people. It is labeled "Professional Use Only" and is not sold in some states, which means... I'm excited. I bought a huge 1 pound jar of this stuff which makes about 50 gallons. I think I'm going to dress up like John Goodman (the exterminator in Arachnophobia) once I get this stuff in :)

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