I've got a new work laptop. It's an ASUS G2S. (Image courtesy of notebookreview.com)

The laptop is awesome, although it has some sort of weird power problem. At first, I was having lots of problems with windows Vista... audio popping, bad performance, video lagging, etc. But, after a bios update and reinstalling the INF update for the chipset, things are much better. The only thing left is this weird power problem, which may have been my problem all along.

The issue is that sometimes the audio popping and lagging and bad performance returns. The weird part is that if I unplug the power adapter and run off of batteries, everything runs great. Plug the power back in... horribly jumpy jerky performance again.

Power cycling with the power already plugged in seems to reduce the likelihood of this occurring. Once I get into Vista without the problems, I can go on and off of battery power all I want and things run great.

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