For those of you who thought I was joking about Comcast broadband running at dial-up speeds, these speeds are what I have been dealing with _all_night_!!!

9.0 KB/sec... isn't that nice? Comcast offers dial-up speeds for only $50 per month!


Keith said...

I can type faster than that when my arm isn't numb.

Darren said...

You can walk to the server and carry the packets faster than that sir! You want me to give them a call for you? Let me know! I may may just have to file a complaint with the BBB and I don't even use those retards anymore! I had their service when I first moved to Atlanta and was so upset with the picture quality on my new TV as well as thier overloaded internet snail system, I turned their equipment in and swithed to DSL with Bellsouth and DirectTV. Better yet Bellsouth paid me like $450 to switch my services from cable to them. Nearly pays the internet for a year. If only they would let me drop this darn phoneline which I NEVER made one call on.