After whining about bad and horrible business, like Comcast, or Frys, I thought I might write about some of the great businesses that get it right.

A phone call to ING Direct was so refreshing. The person on the phone was very nice and a great help. I love giving them my business. Why can't all customer service be like this???

All of my phone calls to Ameritrade have been good experiences. Even Christian was impressed with their service.

There is a local Italian ice-cream shop called Piccomolo that is run really well, and has wonderful ice-cream. We love going there. It is always clean and well run. The people are always friendly to their customers. The owner goes out of his way to make kids feel welcome. Today, we dropped by, and the owners were cleaning it up, but were closed for New Year's. As we turned around to leave, the owner ran outside and yelled "Let me just fix you one small cup of birthday cake!" Neo was very grateful. He wouldn't let me pay for it either. He rubbed Neo on the head and said "This is a New Year's present. Happy New Year!" I like patronizing businesses like that. I encourage all of you to go there as well if you are in the area.

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