Wow. What a speech. I feel like Barack Obama nailed in this speech many of my feelings on race... that it is often more of a mirror image than people like to admit, and that ultimately, while big government deprives people of healthcare equally, and removes liberties from people equally, and ships people off to war equally... they are quick to point out our differences and use the infighting for their political gain.

I'm posting the full version of this speech, as I don't think selections can do it much justice.


I feel better now. Managed to recover enough to go on our vacation to see the shuttle launch.

Following the mission, it is neat to see the SPDM alive and kicking. Congrats to the Canadians for another successful delivery.

While I was sick, I can report that my replacement ASUS G2S worked very well. Aside from the initial laptop having problems and having to send it back to ASUS multiple times, I am having a very good experience with the new one so far.


So, I've been lying in bed for the past few days in quarantine.

I have the flu. Luckily, I am starting to feel better. But, I realize that I am still contagious. Since we are hoping to go on vacation soon, I don't want anyone else in the family getting sick, if I can help it.

So, I am in strict quarantine! Hand washing is paramount! Stay away from the baby! This is not a drill people!