And this is how your first amendment rights are destroyed:


People... this is too important. The internet cannot be taken over by corporations who control what is allowed to go on the internet... that is precisely the reason it flourishes while other forms of absolutely controlled media (such as print, radio, tv) are dying!!! This is too important.

And the corporations want it bad enough to try and get senators like Feinstein to sneak it into a bill that is on its way to passage and has nothing to do with net-neutrality. They don't want a debate on the issue. They don't want it to be transparent. They don't want the public to even know it happened.

Don't let this happen. Be opposed to any legislation that allows internet service providers to filter traffic of their choosing. Take notice when senators try to sneak in legislation like this and spread the word. When they come to your town hall meetings, ask them why they would do such a thing instead of allowing it to be debated by the people.


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