Neo has been wanting a cell phone. Mom and Dad are not ready for him to be walking around with a cell phone just yet.

But what is a geeky dad to do when he gets this sort of request? I decided to use a VoIP phone solution with a Gizmo account and a fun way to show when he had messages waiting. I wrote about my solution in this project page.


Got my updated firmware for my T-Mobile G1 phone yesterday. This is the infamous "Cupcake" version of the software.

I'm really happy about most of the fixed. Many of the new features are awesome, and many of the annoyances have been fixed. I like the way they fixed the issue of keeping the dialpad open during phone calls where you need to hit buttons to get through menus.

Phone orientation detection, virtual keyboard, updates to the browser, gmail, calendar, etc... they're all awesome! Although, I still can't believe that all of this work went into such an awesome phone and such awesome software, and there is still no way to alert someone that they missed a call. How this phone has went through multiple revisions of software without the capability to beep after a call was missed is beyond me.

But that really is the only main thing that annoys me. Everything else is great. I'm so glad I have a G1 and not an iphone. I'm really tired of the great development that Apple does overshadowing all the evil crap they get away with. Android... open, free, and awesome.


The amount of power some companies have is downright disturbing. You guys know how I feel about net neutrality. A good clip to watch: