Schiff represents the "1%" at the protests

I thought this was some interesting interaction with the Occupy Wall St. protests. Sure, there are different levels of education and eloquence, but there are some good discussions in here. And even if you hate Schiff, and everything he preaches, you can't deny that he was the only one going on national TV telling everyone to get out of real-estate and predicting the giant crash to come while all the other economists laughed and made fun of him. From that alone, I suppose he deserves our ear.


Ballmer's take on Android

Microsoft's Ballmer has a history of bashing devices right after they are released to try and get investors to appreciate the Microsoft position. Today, the day after the Google Nexus and Android ICS was announced, Ballmer came out and trashed the device and Android. For a reference, let's hear what he had to say about the original iPhone. (Worth noting here that at the time he made these remarks, Apple's stock price was about $40. AAPL closed today at $398.62 and Windows Mobile was a huge flop, so, yeah - nobody believes anything he says)


A movie review: The Help

Christian and I had a date night recently and have been planning to see this movie for some time. I'm really glad we set aside some time to go see it. It may be the best movie I've seen all year.

Perhaps I felt so good walking out of the theater just because of how refreshing it felt to see such a good story on the screen. Perhaps it was the story more than the movie that I liked. That would certainly explain how amazing the book sales are. But, there is no denying how authentic some of the actors appeared to be in the roles. Emma Stone may not have been as impressive as some of the others, but it was fine for her role in the movie. The parts of Minny and Aibilene are what really pulled the movie together and pulled at your heart in the process.

You really must set aside some time to see this movie.


An awesome idea for the ISS

What an awesome idea. I guess my first thought is... why wasn't NASA doing things like this all along?

You can read the blog post from Google


Soda Bottle Solar Light

I thought this was amazing. This is, to me, proof that solutions to problems will come from engineers and innovators, and not politicians.


Back to Blogging

Well, I am going to try and get the blog going again. Seems like a good first topic is trying to get blogger, google+, twitter, and Google Reader all integrated together.

The obvious hub for all this information would be google+, but they just don't seem to have these services coupled yet. You can see the integration with google+ and Picasa, just not with Reader and Blogger!

I know I'm impatient when it comes to technology, but writing a post and then manually sharing it on google+, then on twitter, seems to discourage a high blog posting frequency.

Well, if anyone knows of a way to bring those items together, let me know. I suppose you could leave your comment on the blog, or on google+, which aren't the same... .